Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy Margaret River

Root Canal Therapy can relieve certain kinds of tooth pain, and help you keep your teeth longer


Sometimes teeth that have been damaged by deep decay or become broken or infected can only be saved through specialist root canal treatment.

At AMR Dental, we are experts in root canal therapy and can work deep inside your damaged teeth to return them to good health. This ensures that they do the job they were designed to do.

Root canal procedure

You may need more than one visit to complete the treatment, depending on the difficulty of the procedure. The exact procedure chosen by your dentist may differ from the procedure outlined here. Ask one of our dentists for further information. 

Root canal treatment has four main aims:

  1. removing active decay and infection – any old or leaky fillings, tooth decay, infected nerve tissue, pus and debris are removed
  2. shaping the canals – in order to be filled well, the canals within the tooth root need to be shaped into smooth, hollow tunnels that are free of irregularities where residual bacteria may sit. This shaping process involves small instruments, special disinfectants and medication. It may take a few weeks to months for these solutions to take maximum effect against stubborn bacteria within the tooth, and this step may have to be repeated several times
  3. filling the canals – to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the empty canals in your tooth, they are permanently sealed with a long-lasting barrier material
  4. making the tooth functional again – to make sure no bacteria from the oral environment can leak back into the tooth, a large, well-sealed restoration is put on the tooth (such as a crown). Teeth that require root canal treatment have sometimes lost considerable tooth structure due to previous decay or cracks, and may require further protection in the form of porcelain, gold alloy crowns or other similar materials.

You do not need to be worried

Many people worry about having root canal treatment, so at our Margaret River clinic we do our very best to explain why root canal treatment is necessary, the purpose of our expert intervention and any procedures that will be involved. There have been rapid advances in dental techniques and technology over the past few decades, meaning that root canal treatment won’t feel any different to having a standard filling. Your appointment is likely to last longer, however, as this is a skilled and delicate procedure. The length of the procedure will also depend on which tooth is affected, and how many root canals it has.

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